Monday, December 15, 2008

I didn't do it!!

Well, we figured out how he sliced his finger open. The excuse of the laundry basket did seem a little flimsy (esp. since the said laundry basket in question was pretty flimsy!) but I keep on thinking that my children are going to learn that telling the truth is always much better than lying to cover up. The culprit those mean nasty scissors. BTW my children have had "The Scissors Talk." They are not allowed to use them with out permission and supervision. This does not prevent them from rebellious behavior that will ultimately hurt them whether by physical means, mental or spiritual in the end. This one as the last one just happened to be physical. We are still unsure if he was cutting the sippy cup valves and bottle nipples at the time of the slice which would be why he lied to cover it up or if he was just testing how sharp they are. (Of course, he has to use my scissors and not the less deadly, more kid friendly kind!!) Either way big punishments came when Dad and Mom were enlightened of the situation. We have tried corner time, grounding, loss of privileges, spankings, hot sauce, Asian hot sauce(it's even hotter but he still likes it), to no avail. We keep hearing it is just a phase but you know when in the middle of said phase there does not seem to be an end. At this point, I am opinion to suggestions.

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