Friday, April 24, 2009


I was talking to a friend last night and we remarked how we are always trying to catch up with our friends lives. It seems like we never know what is going on since so much has happened since the last time we talked. Unfortunately this does not happen with just one or two friends. It seems to happen with all my friends. Just one more of many joys of motherhood that no one tells you about until after you are in the midst of it. In the coarse of the last month we have moved, our baby turned one, amongst many other things. I put the computer in my room when we moved and I am now on it so infrequently I have to go back and look at what people wrote 2 months ago just to find out what is happening in their lives! I keep thinking that one day life will mellow out a bit. Since I now have to go do laundry, vacuum and shampoo carpets, clean up all the "little messes" that happened in the last 30 minutes and get ready for Seth's Party this weekend I know that time is not upon me now nor will it be in the near future. I am also begining to wonder if that is just a pipe dream.

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