Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have noticed a gradual change in my life. When I was single, rarely did I ever reschedule outings with friends and when I did, it was not usually me finding the need to change the plans. Then I had my first child, I noticed I would preface making plans with at times with: as long as everything works out I will see you on ... (See, I learned pretty quick that a baby makes you have to reschedule from time to time.) Now that I have four children, that preface is a given. When our family commits to something, I will do everything in my power to hold to that commitment but things come up. If you have even one child, I am sure you understand what I mean. Unexpected things constantly and consistently crop up to name a brief few: illness, exploding diapers, injuries(esp. trips to the emergency room), disobedience on the part of one or many (I am not even going to get started on some of the stunts they have pulled right before we were supposed to walk out the door.) and the list goes on. Thankfully most of the people I am around understand and know about that preface even if it is not verbalized but every once in a while I run into someone who does not. This is to those who do not: I guarantee I am truly sorry and disappointed if I have to reschedule with you but especially at this time in my life rescheduling is essential and not only done for my benefit but your as well because seriously who want to have a child who is throwing up on there hands. I do not ever appreciate it and I gave birth to them!

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