Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clothing Swap

I just attended my first clothing swap. I have to say I love the idea. Someone was cleaning out her children's closet and noticed she had a lot of extra clothes. She happens to work at the ARC child center at the junior college and promoted this idea of a clothing exchange. Everyone brings the extra they have and swaps it out for stuff they need. I quickly went through my kid's closet and weeded a bag out. The friend that told me about this and I headed out there today. There was tables set up for all the different sizes and one just laid out on the appropriate table what they brought and then went through and grabbed what they needed. Essentially I picked up some of what I needed and was rid of my extra in a short time. This will work for me every time. Obviously not a perfect solution since I need 3t and 18month jeans and was only able to get one of each but did I mention it was FREE!

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