Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CT Visits!

I think I speak for every Homeschooling mom when I say ARRGH!!! Not only do you feel the need to clean your house from top to bottom but your children need to be fully caught up with school! This does not sound too hard but CT (Certified Teacher) visits always seems to come after the family has been sick or right before or after a family vacation or some other huge event. They never come when you are fully caught up on housework and school work. I type this as I frantically try to finish up my daily lesson plans and fill any gaps in my monthly lesson plan(I lesson plan during summer so I have to make any adjustments that happen along the way). At the same time, I cannot imagine Homeschooling my children on my own anymore. I LOVE our teacher and our school. She is so great about everything. I love how family friendly our school is too! They highly encourage us to bring all of our kids to their events not just the school age children and the some teachers will bring their families too! All that to say even though I might be complaining right now I defiantly prefer having my kids enrolled in a charter school as opposed to doing it on my own! Now it is back to panicking!!

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