Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Love DADDY!!


"I uh DADDY!"

It happens to be after 10:00pm and the 2 year-old is somehow still up. He would be trying to charm his way into Daddy's heart so that he can convince daddy to let him stay up or failing that to at least stay in the bedroom with him.

Daddy recorded him (He said it many times.) then left the room thereby crushing his little heart. He starts cry for daddy. Daddy tells him to go to bed. Oh wait, this tactic is not working. He starts crying for mommy. Mommy tells him to go to bed. Still crying for mommy. (Clearly mommy is a bigger softie.)

Less than 5 min. later. Silence. Uh-oh good silence or bad silence. No one wants to check.

30 min later gets hit in the head since he fell asleep with his head inches away for the door.

Another late, late, too late night in the life of the toddler in this house, who has been staying up way, way, way too late.

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