Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Begining Engineering

So who would have thought that playing can be art and engineering lessons? For one unit of Art Erik used his K'Nex to build a motorcycle. There are all the pieces he had to assemble and the directions he had to follow.

Here is the finished product. He loved playing with this toy and I think part of the reason was he had to take the time, energy and frustration to build it first! He also learned that following the directions is much more important than it looks. Although, we did have to make some adjustments so as to distribute the weight evenly so it could stand up on its own (minor details!). For his next forage into the wonderful world of engineering I want to buy some model airplanes for him to build so when he is done we can hang them in the newly redecorated play room. (It is in an Army theme. Uncle Ben would be so proud!) Oh, and since Jeremiah is almost in Kindergarten, he will also be doing a few. I love how in Home School you can incorporate seemingly meaningless activities to further teach them about their subjects!

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