Sunday, June 13, 2010


In our house, we do not do a lot of juice or what I refer to as sugar water (IE Kool-Aid or Tang etc.). I usually try to have water and diluted down caffeine free tea in the refrigerator especially in the summer. I do this for a variety of reasons. It is healthier in so many ways. My kids rehydrate themselves without consuming sugar, or caffeine. As far as the argument that a 6 oz serving of juice equals a fruit, I prefer my children to eat their fruit, again, because it is far healthier and it is a nice dessert. Health concerns aside, I found another reason to avoid sugar drinks as I was cleaning today, STICKY FLOORS!! It seems the sugar in the drinks dries like a glue trap so every speck of dirt in our place is attracted to it and as many of you know, we have truck fulls of dirt here. Now, I have dark spots all over a freshly mopped floor (ok, not so fresh now, since I try hard to only mop nightly with spot mopping done during the day). I am pretty sure we will not be serving any more sugar drinks except on special occasions this summer since I am do not think I can keep up with the mess!

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