Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The things Boys say...

I am listening to my boys chatter this morning and not commenting. (Yes, this is normal unless it is something big I try to let my non-caffeinated brain take it easy. After the caffeine takes time to kick in, I am much more willing to participate.) My mind is functioning enough to notice that my children have talked about guns, bombs/grenades, farting, burping and other boy fascinating topics more in half an hour than I remember doing in a week as a child. Even then I think those conversations were led by boys/dad! I think they talked about gas for 10 minutes and were not just mindlessly repeating themselves either! Now do you still wonder why I give my brain a break in the morning until I am fully functioning! I find these creatures that I am raising oddly fascinating and humorous (at times) in a weirdly disturbing sort of way. I cannot fathom the thought process and am beginning to give up trying and think that it will be something I embrace while never understanding kind of like brain surgery although I think I have better hopes at that then understanding the workings of the male brains living in this house!

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