Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy ?th Anniversary!

Depending who you ask will depend the answer you get. Erik wrote us cards that said "Happy 10th Anniversary!" My husband convinced his mom that it is our 13th. Someone asked if it was our 9th. My mother got it right after she thought about it for a few minutes. (I think she has the worst memory out of all the people that asked us too!) It seemed like nobody remembered. Thankfully my husband knew!! Now I know we have been married a little while but really? It is pretty easy to remember. We were married in early 2000 so the year we are in is almost always the years we have been married. (I. E. 2011 = 11 years) I am not expecting everyone to know but most of the people that asked were people who were in our wedding!

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Randi said...

LOL! The only thing that matters is that you two know. :)