Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

We through God's infinite grace are celebrating 11 years of marriage! I am excited and a bit surprised about how fast time has seem to go by. The funniest thing is that the person this post is most meant for will probably never see it but here's to hoping. Love You Brad!!


Randi said...

Happy Anniversary! Trials and tribulations are what keeps marriage exciting, well at least one of the things, ;) May the next 11 years show you how to love each other more so than the first.
Love you guys! <3
PS When are you gonna renew your vows? Valentines is coming...

Held Hostage By Boys said...

Thanks!! I was kinda of think about renewing our vows on our 15th but that is so far away. Although, the last few years have seemed to fly by so maybe it will only feel like a couple of months. :)