Friday, January 21, 2011

Stinky Times!

We have had a skunk living under our house for a few months, maybe a year. We have never encountered it so we did not really do anything about it. It is easy to forget about creatures under your house when you are only presented with a smell from time to time that dissipated within a few hours. We have also seen an opossum taking advantage of the lack of screen on a few of our vents too. It has been on our to do list but somehow we never got around to it. That has now changed.

Since we have been home, my husband encountered it 3 times in less than a week so a mission was campaigned to take care of the skunk before our children were sprayed. He picked up a trap from his grandparents house and last night he and Erik set it.

Within a few hours Erik heard it go off and got his dad.

YUP, they caught it.

UHHH, now what?

Turns out Brad thought he would have a few days to figure out what to do when he caught the skunk not a few hours. We scoured online what to do and started trying to get hold of people we knew with trucks to relocate it.

BTW You are not allowed to have a pet skunk in the state of California although they are considered good pets. It is recommended to remover the scent sacs. Gee, I wonder why? (Useless information found on the web when trying to figure out what to do.)

In the morning, my husband called animal control and they sent someone out to us on a urgent call. (They came in the afternoon so obviously not that urgent.)

If you were wondering, skunks are not considered threatened or endangered in California so Animal Control shot(Yes, with a gun!) the skunk in our backyard which causes the muscles in a certain area to relax and this is now causing our house to stink, especially in the bathroom. I am unable to blame any of the males members that currently reside here although they stink it up frequently too.

Just for the record, I never laid any claim on the skunk however my kids are another story...

Erik had preference to relocating it.

Matthew: "Animal control is not very nice since they shot our skunk."

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