Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have a new hobby that I have not blogged about but have talked about many times. I am a couponer and I love it so I will probably be posting quite a bit more on some of the deals I am able to find. I am not extreme by any stretch of the imagination. For all of those of you who caught the "Extreme Couponing" episode on TLC, I am not anywhere close to that. I have purchased quite a few really good deals one of them being last night. I also was able to buy about 50lbs of hamburger meat for $51. I saved so much a manger had to come by and override the register. Also, I was able to get 6 12packs of soda for $10 plus CRV and received a snickers and a small bag of peanut butter cups for free. I am not a huge soda person but my husband is. Unfortunately, I was not able to do much more than that since the store was wiped out but I received rain checks and plan to go back! Couponing has allowed us to budget our food and household items (cleaning products, hygiene items plus diapers and wipes) for our family of six for consistently under $300 usually $250 a month and that is with stocking my freezer to the bursting point and donating items to people in need. I know if I was more consistent I could lower that amount but there is a trade off between time and money. Also, I easily reach burnout since our family already seems to be so busy. I treat it as a hobby and my husband will tell you I am addicted to saving (or the endorphin rush it brings!) but then I also noticed he does not complain when I buy him products he enjoys especially the ones that were previously out of our budget!
On a side note, from the same blogs I use to coupon, I went to Old Navy last night and scored 3 pairs of jeans/pants for me for under $5.00 each, a shirt for $1.57, a fleece pull over for Jeremiah for $2.97, fleece hats for the kids for $0.57, and more!! My couponing habits are definitely here to stay!!

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