Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Other

I have been realizing that I do not praise my Other enough. He helps out significantly around the house especially when he can tell I am getting grumpy.

Now, I know you are saying who her NEVER!

Try not to spit your coffee (soda, for you Randi) at the computer from laughing so hard!

Lets just recap the day as one of those days and then right after we came home and I was deciding what to make for dinner since what was planned (Yes, I plan my meals out and for a month at a time too!) would not work and the back up plan was eaten the night before....


Great! I was deciding whether or not to make a chef salad since I din't really want to chop a bunch of stuff up, and I was hearing these whining noises about what else we were going to have for dinner because we couldn't just have salad and... Let me tell you again if you didn't catch it the first time...


Well, now we are definitely having chef salad since I now do not have a microwave, oven, stove or anything else that needs electricity. (For the record my stove and oven are gas but it takes electricity to light them and I am sure not volunteering to stick my hand down there to light it!)

Now I can go on for days about how annoying 4 boys are when they find out that something that they always rely on is no longer working. The two oldest had to flip the lights switches about 10 times each to make sure that indeed the lights were not working and not just 1 light switch because that would only be mildly annoying but every light switch in the ENTIRE house or at least they would have if I didn't stop them after the 4th one. Then the bazillion questions started and this was after Daddy showed them a cool way to get the flashlight to work even though we only had 1 D battery instead of the two we needed. (Yes, D batteries are going on the shopping list.) He took a C battery and some quarters and VIOLA we had light! Enough light to chop vegetables at least. Then we had to have a safety talk about fire since after we lit a few candles. (The free candles from Target came in handy tonight!) During this time Taggy decided the best place to be was in my arms (Really are you surprised?) and was not happy that I set him on the counter beside me but settled for that when he found out his other option was to be placed back on the ground. The nice part was Jeremiah and Matthew now wanted to be right by me and helped out by washing the salad fixings until there was no more items to be washed and then Matthew grabbed my butcher knife to help me finish cutting up the celery. Then we had to have another safety talk. (Side note we had not been home for even half an hour by this point.)

Speed forward... After I finished assembling dinner and was ready to bring it to the table, the Power came back on! Do not get me wrong I was very grateful for it because I would not have been able to eat dinner if it did not, (I have this weird thing about having to see the food I put in my mouth.) but I was a little frustrated I could not use the food processor to make my job of chopping a little easier.

Speed forward... Our family is now eating dinner and we have made rules about no extra bodily noises at the table (You should have seen that one coming after all we do have 4 boys!) and tonight we had to include laughing. Not the normal giggle or chuckle or even laugh but the food coming out of your mouth because you are hysterically laughing about something mildly amusing your dad says. (He gets it from me since I do this especially when I am tired so I know I shouldn't complain but EWWW!)

Speed forward... The whole point of the story, I know you are thinking FINALLY but I did speed through quite a bit of it so Brad sent me out of the house to have some time to myself to regroup while he put the boys to bed. The hardest part of the day he went ahead and took care of so I could get a break for a bit. I came back much more relaxed especially since my house wass quiet and reasonably picked up or maybe it was the chocolate chip cookies I bought YUMMY either way wasn't it sweet!

Thanks Honey, one of the many reason why I LOVE YOU!

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