Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breakfast in Bed (Almost)

My husband woke up to my oldest in the kitchen yesterday. As he was trying to figure out what was going on, Erik surprised him with trays made up so we could have breakfast in bed. It was so sweet!! On my plate was pancakes, a Greek yogurt, and, of course, coffee. On my other's plate was pancakes, yogurt and a Mountain Dew! Yup, soda for breakfast. It's the drink of champions! (We were out of milk and the only kind of coffee my husband drinks are iced espresso drinks so Erik did not know what else to give him.) My husband thought it was hysterical and said, "Well if you compare the caffeine count, it is probably pretty close. I love my husband's sense of humor! Erik also had two cards made up that were taped to the trays (Cookie sheets but I love the ingenuity!) The other boys also surprised us with anniversary cards. Jeremiah drew us a Lego man. Erik helped Seth draw and color a choo-choo. (What else?) Matthew had a lovely colorful picture with a changing verbal story of what the picture was about!

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Randi said...

Just think 11 years ago you would have never imagined your life to be so rich with love. :)