Thursday, January 20, 2011

ADD/Mom Conversations

My husband told me today (and not for the first time either) that I am going to give him ADD since he can not follow me when I hold multiple conversations with him at the same time. I did not even notice until he pointed it out since I do this with my friends all the time. How else are moms supposed to communicate?

Here is how it goes:
Mom1-"Did you hear that so and so is having a baby? No, baby don't eat that off the ground. Ugh! He thinks he can eat anything, no matter what!"
Mom 2- No, I didn't. I bet she is excited! Thats okay mine does it all the time, too.
Mom1-"Yeah she can't wait! I know but I have preference to him not eating off the ground especially at Target. Oh did you know Target is having a sale on diapers?"
Mom 2-"How long have they been trying for? Eww! Mine completely grossed me out the other day when she picked something off the street and put it in her mouth before I could stop her. How good of a sale?"

and so it goes on while 4+ children are running around clammering for our attention as well as whatever other distractions there are pets, strollers, cashiers just to name a few. Mind you I did not put the actions in the dialog since that would make the post very long!

BTW-We also text this way which does cause confusion at times but for the most part is quite easy to understand unless you are a guy and then we might give you ADD since we can not seem to stay on the same topic!

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