Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Seth the "baby" of our family is 3 today. Obviously he is no longer a baby but he will always hold that baby spot in our family. (Unless the Lord decides to bless us with another "miracle" child. ;P) I am having a hard time understanding how the last 3 years flew by and how my "baby" is now in his preschool years. The personality coming out is so infectious with humor, wit, and sarcasm(I know, total shocker there!) that you just can't help but laugh at his antics even when you know you should not!
Just yesterday, Taggy was trying to get to his brother's tag, while in the car. No big deal since his brothers are used to it except one thing; Matthew had fallen asleep. He was not in any mood to have his brother wake him up but Taggy was relentless in his pursuit of the almighty tag! As Matthew was protesting the assault on his body(or back of his shirt), I told Seth to stop but was bursting with laughter which of coursed caused everyone in the car to start laughing, including Matthew, and Seth's determination paid off. Giggling with glee, he had his tag! That's my baby!

(FYI I am allowed to call all of my children "my baby/ baby" since I incubated them for 9 months. Due to the fact they cannot out grow their beginning, I have earned the special right to call them my baby for their life. They have grudgingly accepted this right and no longer try to correct me. ;D)

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