Saturday, April 9, 2011

Growing Up

I am writing this to the little boy who is standing in front of me shrieking. This is a new stage in your life and one that is not a favorite by any means. I know that right now you do not understand that you screaming at me will not make me change my mind. I realize that you do not agree with me right now and you cannot differentiate between that and me which is why you are screaming. "I don't like you." I am glad you have not learned the hate word yet because I am quite certain you would hurl that instead as you learn to express your feelings. I realize that is how mad you are right now. I also know this tantrum will not last long and you will say, "Sorry, Mommy" and will need me to hug and cuddle you so everything once again will be right in your world. I want you to know I love you. I am making these choices for your benefit to bring you up in a Godly manner not because I want to be "mean." I will hold firm, rely on God and wait this noise out until we get to the the cuddle time and savor that moment so I can get through the next time you decide to "express" your displeasure with my decision.

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