Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 23

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Since the birth of our first child, I have slowly been out numbered by males in my house. In the beginning, we had two female dogs and a host of other animals (think reptile variety here, snakes, bearded dragons, frogs etc...) so if you count those my husband originally was just trying to keep up. I think he has this unknown huge competitive streak and wanted to make sure that the females would not dominate his household. :) We had child number 2 and while I originally wanted a girl was enthusiastic that my two boys would grow up together and have that brotherhood bond. Then by the time the third "baby" came around, I did not want a girl because having one sex is easier in so many ways, I.E. toys, hand-me-downs,1 room etc... We also no longer had dogs so I think by then we just had gotten accustomed to the boy thing. :) The fourth just confirmed we were meant to be a family of boys. 
When people comment about all my boys, my boys are quick to respond that Mommy is the girl in our household or that our house hold just does not "do" girls. Trust me we have come with quite a few one-liners to the many responses we get when we go places with "eeek" 4 BOYS!!!
I do explain a little in my profile on the side and originally was going to use the title BoysRUs but that was much more common than I thought. I guess my lack of creativity was once again showing. As my best friend, Randi, likes to tell me I am not very "fun.";p
I thought my title was a little more "fun" but when trying to find my blog I have noticed you come across a lot of sad circumstances of people being held hostage. I obviously am quite content in the male takeover of our household and just try to keep up in the vast differences of the male brain. ;P

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