Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pukies

The pukies are different than having the sickies by, you guessed it, the mounds of regurgitated food coming up. At one point it was a tasty eatable morsel, (or at least you hope it was eatable you never know with my kids) now it can smell up the room in less than 10 seconds making you wish you had not eaten for the day or maybe the week! This is being posted about because we now have 2 children sick with the pukies. It has already cycled through one and now we are on to the second. I am really hoping that no one else gets it.
The first happened while we were waiting for my MIL who was in DMV. Of course we were waiting outside in the van and my child threw up all over the van.
The night before the older kid's Science Fair. Thankfully my parents stepped in and ended up doing the entire Science Project with both kids. Thanks Dad and Mom!! I left the sick child home and loaded up the other ones. We went to the Book Fair first (Yes, busy week at the school) and then headed over to the Science Fair. We brought their projects out, set them up, signed in, collected their T-Shirts and then just as I was making the rounds through the different vendors (Our Science Fair is a combo Science/Vendor Fair) my youngest started puking!
Thankfully my best friend was there with her mostly empty cup to let my child puke into! There was only a little on the floor and us. I feel a little seasoned as a mother when I am actually quite grateful I only had a small amount of puke on me and the little one was not too bad either. Oh, and I actually just put clean clothes in the diaper bag two days ago so I was able to change him immediately. The small things I tell you, it is about the small things!


Randi said...

Totally agree with you, we qualify as seasoned mothers now. :) Who knew that having another person's bodily fluids spewed on you was such a reward, lol.

Held Hostage By Boys said...

Seasoned mothers yes :) spewed bodily fluids rewarding no :( child who is spewing bodily fluids totally worth it ;P