Saturday, March 5, 2011

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 1

It's Gravy, Baby! is hosting a fun 31 day challenge for bloggers to post answers to different questions about themselves. I can't promise I'll remember to participate everyday, but I thought it sounded like fun and maybe I am being prodded into it a bit. Since I do not want to Day 4 quite yet I figured I would "catch-up" over the weekend!

So here goes.. A Photo of Yourself and 10 Facts!
Not the best one but one I could find quickly. This was taken during our trip to Maryland over Christmas in front of the Native American portion of the Smithsonian. Don't let my son's expressions fool you either they had a great time they just wanted to play on the structure not take a picture. :)

Ten Facts
1. I am 30. My husband tells me I am now old. I remind him he is older but he has to tease me I am not young anymore just old. 

2. My dad was the one who married my husband and I.

3. I was married and had my first kid before I could legally drink. Yup, we did not serve alcohol at our wedding and for the first year and a half I could not go on a beer run for my husband. Funny thing, my dad would forget constantly and ask me to go get wine occasionally to go with dinner forgetting his married teenage daughter could not buy it. 

4. Funnier thing I do not even drink beer or wine.

5. I will not drink wine because a) I hate the taste. (My nose is literally curling as I write this) b) The stuff makes me nauseous. (Something to do with the way it is fermented is the best guess I have.)

6. I will not eat mushrooms. I used to love them but having to drink medicine to throw them up to make sure that you did not ingest poisoned wild mushrooms and then charcoal to settle your stomach down turns a 5-year-old love into something to be avoided at least the sight of them no longer makes me nauseous.

7. I used to strive to be an "ideal" family and now I rebel against it. We have 4 boys and no we are not trying for a girl. 

8. We live in a small 2 bedroom house with those 4 boys and for the time being I am not interested in moving into a larger house.

9. I am scared of birds. It does not really matter the type. I am scared of the little ones and terrified of the big ones. I'll blog about the story some day.

10. I would just like to say it is much easier to write about my boys.  I wanted to be a nurse growing up, changed my mind to a doctor, changed again to an accountant, changed it yet again back to a nurse. I am now currently in the process of getting everything ready to start in the summer to finally "grow up."

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness... your bird 'fact' reminded me of when I was attacked by a turkey vulture. Scariest. Moment. Ever.