Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 2

The People That Make you World go Round
These funny guys right here are my world. I actually started this blog to keep some kind of document about our lives that my children could look back on. I stink at baby books and never actually bought any after the one for my first child never was used. I hope someday they will appriecate the effort. The other people I do not have a picture of right now is my parents. I grew up in a solid family. We had our problems but very stable. I love my family and know they would do anything for us. My MIL is above average too! J/K Somehow I was very lucky in that area as well. She definately tries her best to keep our family running smoothly. I am very blessed and could go on....

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Randi said...

Those sure are some cute boys you got there! ;)