Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yeah! I can see!

I wear contacts. I have worn contacts for over 15 years. For some reason, I cannot seem to get into the daily routine of taking them out every night and cleaning them then putting them back on, in the morning. I blame my brother. He would leave his contacts in for days, even weeks at a time. He even had two contacts in at the same time because he "lost" one and found it a few days later in his eye! Sad to say he is not the only one who has done this.
Thankfully my eye doctor is pretty understanding and has steered me to a brand I can leave in for a week at a time. While not the best at cleaning them even this often, at least this is far more feasible. He did this quite a few years ago when they first came out. Now here is the other confession. I only see him when I run out of contacts and need a new prescription so I can buy more. This is about every two to three years.  Again, very grateful I have found such a nice ophthalmologist who does not lecture me for not coming in more frequently. This is one of the main the reasons I keep going back to him.
In April, I went to see him, received a trial pair of contacts and my prescription with intent of ordering them within the next week. I had good intentions, really good intentions but alas I still did not have good follow through. I did not order contacts until the beginning of June.
Why, you ask? Is it because they needed to be replaced or how about because they were irritating my eyes? While the answer to both of those should be yes I am sorry to say no. I ordered them because my son who shall remain anonymous with the help of his brother who also shall remain anonymous were up one night playing in the bathroom. My contacts were in a case on the bathroom sink because I had to take them out because my eyes were red from the irritating me all day. After catching them and telling them to go to bed, my husband and I go lay down in our bedroom. This is when our oldest child comes into our room holding something asking, "What is this?" He holds up my contact case. (I have worn contacts since I was a teenager and my son has no idea what a contact case is. Does this give you an idea how lax I am in my care for them?)
Immediately aggravated, I respond, "My contact case, why?"
"Because I just caught (insert anonymous child's name here) trying to sneak it into the bedroom."
Suffice to say contacts do not survive in the hands of little boys. Even if they are stored in a contact case. They tear into little tiny pieces and are no longer able to be worn. This is what finally made me order new contacts and wait impatiently in the mail for them. I wish I could say I learned my lesson but somehow I am sure I will have another story in a few years when I run out of contacts again.

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