Sunday, September 16, 2012

It is ALWAYS the Good One!

My house smells like me. Well, like me on a special occasion, my ENTIRE house. As my husband told the story it went something like ~As he was minding his own business in the bathroom my perfume bottle jumped out of the medicine cabinet assailing him; as he valiantly tried to save it. Strategically out maneuvering him, the perfume bottle collided into the counter. The perfume bottle still on the attack, then sprayed shards of glass all over him. (Now I might be embellishing ever so slightly but that's my right as the writer. ;P)
Even though this happened yesterday, my house reeks of perfume. One of my favorite scents is now making my eyes water and my nose twitch. Unfortunately as I told my husband yesterday, "You broke the good stuff." Not only was it the expensive stuff (you know the kind you buy pre-children), but it lasted until I took a shower which means, regrettably we will not be relieved from what was once a favorite smell for quite some time.

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