Monday, September 17, 2012


My friend, our husbands and I were out eating last Saturday when a topic came up that has been having me laughing on the inside ever since. Quite a few people are under the mistaken notion that I am a Foodie or I like to cook since I make most things from scratch, can fruits and vegetables and try new recipes frequently. Jeremiah put it best when a dear friend asked if his mom made the salsa they were currently consuming. "My mom doesn't buy anything she just makes it from ingredients." (I busted up laughing which he couldn't understand because it was a true statement.
I rarely buy salsa because of the cost. I also am very picky so if I make it, then it tastes the way I like it. I want my kids to learn to eat healthy i.e. whole grains, no extra processing or preservatives, lots of vegetables and fruits etc. Also, my husband's health issues just gives us one more reason to try and stay active and eat healthier.
Even with all that, I cook because I have a large family and I refuse to spend all our income on food. I do not get a little thrill at the thought of a new recipe to try. I do love feeding my children nutritiously and like the fact they eat almost everything I cook without any or very minimal fussing. I like to find recipes my kids love and are easy to make. I endure the process of canning because I know that I am providing the best nutrition possible at a price I cannot find elsewhere. What is with all those recipes that call for GADS of sugar?? With that if someone ever wants to come and take over this role in my house I am all for it!!

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