Thursday, September 4, 2008

Play Doh the Second

Well, we made play doh. I have to tell you I still do not like the stuff esp. the texture. I did find out something very interesting. Since we had six kids making play doh, I gave them all bowls and had them mix the ingredients together. I had the two oldest (9 years and 7 years) measure out the ingredients, except the food coloring (Sorry guys, even with aprons, I was not about to go there.) and then the children stirred them all together. Now here is the revelation, when working with children do not expect the same out come from all the bowls. Let me explain this further, some of the bowls had too little water, some turned out fine, some had not enough oil etc. After cooking the dough, I also realized some of the dough balls were bigger than their counter parts. Looking back on this I am really not sure how this came as a surprise to me. Maggie and I laughed about it and moved on to the next project. We did some craft projects I found on the Internet and asked our pre-schoolers the colors and shapes and asked our grade schoolers about the fractions of the shapes. All in all it was a good first time. A little hairy at times (esp. when 3 children wanted to knead the blue dough at the same time) but that is what builds our character. In perspective, think how patient God is with us. I as a parent get upset with my children when they fail to follow directions, become distracted, fail to accomplish their responsibilities in a timely matter etc. and we are talking about children here. They are still learning to become responsible, God-fearing adults. How much more frustrated would you be if this was an adult who could not do these things. These are the times when I am so thankful for the infinite amount of patience and love our Lord and Savior shows us each and everyday.
I know I promised pictures but one camera failed to work so I grabbed the other one to take pictures. I came to the computer to up-load a few of them and lets just say it really helps when there is a SD card in the camera, oh well, hopefully next time.

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