Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We have not had the internet in our house for not quite two weeks. We changed carriers and it just took longer than expected to get up and running again. I have to tell you those were a long two weeks. I am likening it to the last two weeks of pregnancy. So one would think that without the internet to distract me I did tremendous amounts around the house. I am sorry to inform you that my house is messier than it was before. I did not realize how much I really use the internet to lesson plan, manage my life etc (okay so maybe I am just trying to come up with all the positive things I do with it and not count all the ways it wastes my time.) I did have to go to other peoples houses twice to get worksheets for Erik's schooling. (Jeremiah's schooling was pushed to the back burner.) That took longer because we all know that when we go visit a friend even for a useful manner one cannot be rude and ignore them (and I do like to talk so that does not help either). All this just to say we are up and running here again and obviously I use/need the internet way more than I previously thought. Now am I addicted?? I will let you decide but I will tell you I am overjoyed to have it back.

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