Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shaving Cream

It's good stuff! Besides its actual purpose it is a very good cleaning agent, (the anti-bacterial kind can disinfect), and a GREAT Art project! Here are some recent pictures to show you how much fun it can be:
We did have friends over. Trust me I do not make my boys wear pink dresses. As you can also see the shaving cream did not stay on the table for long.

You can also put food coloring in it to give a lesson on primary and secondary colors. Be careful though it can stain! (We were a little nervous about having colored faces.)

Thankfully it came out. Otherwise there would be a picture right here of their stained faces!


Mommy2FIVEgirls said...

The girls had so much fun doing this, they're already asking to do it again. Jeremy seen the pictures and said he was glad it was at your house, lol. Here I thought we did well with the containment of shaving cream mountain. :)

Held Hostage By Boys said...

I thought we did great! I could pass on the food coloring next time though. I did not want to include any pics of your girls without first checking with you otherwise you would have seen some of the pics I was able to capture of your unusualy colored children.