Thursday, October 2, 2008


We are members of a public charter school. As other members know there are a number of benefits going through a charter i.e. activities, funds, help from a credential teacher, etc. Obviously, with benefits comes drawbacks. One of those drawbacks, is having to state guidelines (i.e. the rules. I knew teaching the kids to follow the rules would come in handy one day) all of the guidelines not just the ones you like (sigh). This is being said because one of the afore mentioned "rules" is accomplishing Fine Arts. Now I am not a huge fan of the Arts. (Gasp) How dare I day such a thing? Now let me clarify before I start getting hate mail :), I am not against them in any way I just believe the Arts are for enjoyment and should not be a requirement. Since they are, does this qualify?

Don't mind the fact that he looks like he is in pain. He was really quite excited about his "volcano." He did have help from some very imaginative friends. (Yes, they were girls.) The boys talked about how the volcano was going to erupt and kill a bunch of people the girls decorated the volcano to make it look "pretty." Now why a volcano is supposed to look pretty is beyond me but it did make it look like something besides just a lump of dirt! If I only had the baking soda in the house, I could have shown them how the volcano could have erupted and turn it into a science project. Now that would have been fun!!


Faith Alterton said...

Hey Beth,
Great blog! Can't believe they are so big already. And nice volcano. :)

As for the art, are we talking cut and paste or studying the classics? Nathan was homeschooled and most of their art was through visiting the DeYounge (sp?) museum in SF every few months. It was basic, but they all ended up being familiar with the great artists and even got to see the original artwork. He loved it.

We're not doing anything complicated at home right now, but we do use Ambleside Online's picture study idea. You pick an artist per term and choose six of their most famous pieces and print them out from free online sites. Then you put them one at a time in a spare picture frame and keep it out where everyone will see it often for a couple weeks and then rotate. I've been telling a bit about the artist and on Fridays we look more closely at the picture while we have snack. It's all kept really short and fun, but they are getting a bit of exposure at least.

I'm sure you already have fun ideas, but it's been something we enjoy. :)

Held Hostage By Boys said...

That is a great idea. We have been getting by with Home Depot Project's for our Art requirements. I will look into that because I do want him to learn more about the great artists including composers. Thanks for the suggestion.