Thursday, October 2, 2008

The color Pink

In our house, pink and purple are colors which are rarely seen. When we do see these colors, it usually means someone inadvertently left something here. Today, however, not only was I able to view and sort through clothing with such outlandish coloring, I was able to buy a pink outfit. Before you ask this, this strangely tinted piece of clothing is not for one of my children. (Ha, like I could make them wear pink; I cannot even make them go down the girl aisle in Wal-Mart!!) This foreign item is laying on one of our chairs and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) will not stay here for long but the sight of such an exotic color was momentous enough to make comment on. I almost included a picture of this unfamiliar and unusual shade. Maggie had her baby and you guessed it. She was blessed with a girl. Now as much as my boys despise "girl" things they liked the outfit and were excited about being able to give the new baby girl a gift. See, there is hope for these young boys. One day we might even be able to make it down the girl aisle!

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