Friday, October 31, 2008

One of THOSE Days!

Have you had one of those days where you are constantly thinking it can't get any worse? We did this past week only it did not stop at one day. It continued for FOUR DAYS!! I love my four inspiring, creative, handsome boys tremendously but there are times when I think they plot in their bedroom at night to see how far they can push the line before mommy is ready to run screaming from the house! We in one weekend managed to ruin the play pen, (The mesh was cut with scissors) draw on the walls on three different occasions by two different children (Now mind you we are a marker free house, or so I thought), climbed on top of the counter and got into the potty training treats in the upper cabinets, woke up the baby more times than I can count, soap was put in the morning coffee, had two dirty diapers taken off and lying on the floor so that we could smear them around, escaped outside front and back stark naked, snuck candy/ junk food, did not complete one chore and that is all I can remember at this point. Thankfully most of it has faded from my mind. I relearned that praying for patience is beyond important and is absolutely vital. I have found that the more I try to do it all on my own and refuse to lean on the Lord or accept help from my husband the quicker I feel like screaming. I also was reminded that helping out does not mean on my terms or my way. On the plus side, Brad and I did learn how to tag team our children more efficiently than ever before!


Robin said...

Beth, so nice to catch up with what you've been up to with's funny what the boys have been keeping you busy hindsight probably...couldn't agree more that leaning on the Lord, is so much more effective than anything ya lots, I pray the Lord strengthens your heart today in any and all areas that you're needing His love Robin L.

Held Hostage By Boys said...

Thanks so much for the prayer we can use it as we try to raise these boys to know the Lord better and to teach them to lean on him for all their desires. It does seem to be much funnier after the storm blows over but in the middle of it ... look out. Love ya