Friday, August 28, 2009

Mean Bees

We had fun at our school's meet and greet today. The kids played at the park (It was hosted at Freedom Park), ate chips, salsa and Taco Bell for lunch and had a great time until... the end when Matthew was stung by a bee on his finger. I pulled the stinger out (Yes, I know that you have to be very careful about not squeezing the stinger or it will release more venom but a three year old does not and will not keep still to be able to remove it properly.) and Randi rushed him over to put cold water on it. (Of course, we did not have any ice!) I grabbed the antihistamine spray, a band aid and a penny. (I heard from a circulating e-mail that something in the penny counter acts the effect of the venom and have been wanting to try out the claim. I just did not think my three-year-old would be the Guiana pig! According to further research the e-mail was more than likely false.) Put it all on him and came home during which time he proceeded to tell us that ice would make him feel better, watching Bob (the Builder) would make him feel better and eating various assorted treats (IE donuts, cookies, ice cream, etc) would make him feel better. I did let him milk it for the first day. On another note, he seems to be absolutely fine which I believe is due to his hardiness but has since told "I like bugs but bees mean." and "I no like bees."

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