Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stubborn or Cautious?

Our little boy will not walk. I am not worried that he will not ever walk but slightly annoyed that he is not making my life easier by walking. He crawls all over and usually has black on his knees as well as the top of his feet (not the bottom because then he would be walking).

I attributed this to him being stubborn. He climbs and happens to be quite adapt. (He was able to climb half way up a fairly steep slide before an adult decide it was too dangerous.)

I am now beginning to wonder if he is just overly cautious. He will walk with us. He will walk holding on to my capris which seems to me as if it would be harder than if he would just walk. He will push objects around. He will stand by himself. He just will not walk by himself!
I noticed something today as I was watching him play at the park before he does most things he checks a few times to make sure he can do it. He checked his footing three times before he climbed up something the first time. After the first time though FULL THROTTLE! I guess it is time to fall back on the reassurance that he will be able to walk across the stage in time to receive his diploma. (I just am not sure if that is his High school or College diploma!)


Mommy2FIVEgirls said...

Seth will walk - ON HIS TERMS. Like another little blue eyed boy I know, you might reconize him as boy 2, lol. Besides I prefer him to be a non walker and big smiler when we take they're pics....tick tock

Held Hostage By Boys said...

LOL! Um, yeah, maybe this Saturday if you are not busy. I promise to go to bed early!!