Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do Not Leave Your Laptop Unattended

The previous blog was posted by Seth. I had to leave it so sometime in the future I can show Seth his first successful even if unintentional blog post. I went upstairs to quickly (or so I thought) talk to Brad and then checked on dinner. I guess during this time I left my laptop in the reach of Seth. While stirring dinner, I heard Erik say "Seth! Seth! Mom!"
My response is typical mother response of "Hold on, and unless it is an emergency please do not yell."
"Mom, Seth has you laptop."
"Be right there, hey wait I didn't post anything!"
So the moral of this long winded story DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP IN REACH OF A 1-YEAR-OLD!!! (My husband tells me this constantly. I must be a slow learner.)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes, I think we both must be slow learners - Jeremy is alllllwwwaayyyss telling me "don't give her your phone", "don't let her touch the keyboard", etc