Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Last night was Gingerbread House night at Awanas. We were invited to bring friends and family to help build and decorate gingerbread houses. This is the second time we have done this and it might have to become an annual tradition. Last year, Erik was the Sparkie. This year, Erik "graduated" into TNT so now Jeremiah is the Sparkie and absolutely loving it. All this to say we brought in our crew plus the kid's Nana to make some gingerbread houses.

Jeremiah's pitched roof fell so he resigned himslef to a flat roof quite well. (It was easier to decorate a flat roof.)

Matthew and Nana's gingerbread house. (Their roof did not fall.) Seth trying to get in on the action.

Matthew telling Seth not to touch his creation.

If you can see, Daddy helped build a second house to be an in-law's quarters. Then it turned into a outhouse,(Daddy's influence), then an office. Oh, that extra frosting on Matthew was Daddy's help too.

This was Seth's contribution to the night.

Daddy keeping Seth occupied or at least trying to. Seth was not going to buy it for long because...

this is what Seth really wanted. He found out he is tall enough to pull this off the table. I could not get a picture of him trying to reach everything on the decoration's table because I was constantly grabbing the bowls of candy from him!!

During all this Erik was in his class at TNT.

Erik's class at TNT (The girls were told the boys had their rabies shots but even with that encouragement you can tell they are not convinced of that fact.)
All in all, a fun night but I am glad it is an annual tradition instead of a monthly tradition. I am worried about next year when Seth will be able to reach all of the candy decorations!

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