Monday, December 13, 2010


Let me set the stage for you: My oldest son and I are at Target. We are out quickly couponing before we leave tomorrow. I am looking for the Travel Hungry Hippos game, and the candles in the Christmas section. I am not finding either but the search continues.
All of sudden, quite loudly, I hear "Wow! Look at those balls! I don't think I have ever seen balls that big before." I am now quickly scanning to see what he could be talking about. I have two women looking at me. Continuing to scan a bit more frantically, (Let me remind you, Christmas section, not Sporting goods, not toys, Christmas Section) I really could not figure out what he was talking about.
Finally what felt like 10 years later, he points and says, "See, they are huge balls!"
OH, the ornaments, the really big looking ball ornaments.
The ladies are trying not to show any emotions.
I quickly validate his statement before he says anything else, "Oh, those Christmas ornaments are big."
As I am getting the looks, I question out loud, "Was I the only one ... I was pretty sure he had no idea but..."
The younger of the two women laughing quite loudly now replied, "Your face was probably what was the funniest."
It more than likely was since I panicked. I knew that he had no idea what he was innocently implying but there was no way I could tell other people that. Instead of not worrying about what others thought, I did the exact oppisite of what the Lord tells us to do and worried about what the world thought. I would like to say lesson learned but I am a slow learner. Look at my blog post about "Do not Leave Your Laptop Unattended" if you do not believe me. Still it is a little funny to tell other adults when the children are in another room.

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