Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ready to Lend a Hand

My MIL came home from the hospital yesterday. She had total shoulder replacement surgery and for right now her shoulder range is limited. The little boys were in the van when my husband took her home and my four-year-old was able to help take care of her. When it was time to go my child that likes to be anywhere except home wanted to stay. While a little unsure of whether this was a good idea, my husband tentatively agreed with the condition to call if we needed to come pick him up. He gave Matthew a talk which included an admonishing to be good and told him he needed to assist Nana with whatever she needed. When leaving Brad one more time asked if Matthew could help his Nana out, Matthew got the hugest grin on his face and said "Yeah, I will help Nana!" He did great too! Although Nana did say that he tried to bring her medicine about 6 times in 1 hour. He probably just wanted to make she was not in any pain. :)

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