Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Leaving on a Jet Plane"

We are flying out today. As usual I did not get done nearly the stuff I wanted to. I am sleep deprived and praying that the plane trip goes well. I have art supplies, games (electronic, card and travel), blankies, tags, snacks  water bottles to fill after we get through security all packed and I will still inevitably forget something. Hopefully, security will go fast and we will not be on the news because my children decided to say something that the guards took as a threat. I can already see it happening. My oldest will be joking with number 2 and they will make some inappropriate comment about being a hostage or a terrorist or whatever. They will think themselves the funniest boys on the block until their mother screams at them because now they are being escorted to the holding area. Now you know one of the reasons why I am sleep deficient and one of many nightmares that make me wake up suddenly. If we miraculously make it through security, and survive cooped up on a airplane for over 7 hours with four young boys, are able to drive over an hour and a half in the middle of the night to my brother's house, we should have an awesome time. I say should because have you ever been in close quarters with 4 little boys for an extended period of time? I am not too worried about the oldest, but number 2 gets grouchy when he is tired. Number 3 does well if he gets a fair amount of attention. If he does not get that positive attention, he is one of those lovely children that will then get the attention anyway he can. Plus, he is my wanderer. I can see it now; we will miss our flight because he has meandered off to another gate and was so fascinated by watching the plane traffic. He will not notice his parents frantically searching the airport for him. Then there is Taggy. Now as long as he has a tag, is in eyesight of Mommy (or sometimes Daddy now) he should be fine. (Once again, the dreaded should statement.) However, if he decides that he has to be held constantly and have his favorite toy in just a certain way or he will cry endlessly like we are horrible parents for not submitting to his baby authority. He will cry in such a pitiful manner that everyone else will think we are terrible parents who beat him mercilessly or just wonder what we were thinking having all these boys and then choosing to take them on a airplane when we cannot control them even a little bit. ;-P As you can tell, I am not stressing not one little bit. I could go on and on about all the scenarios that have already flashed though my mind and given enough time I will definitely come up with quite a few more scenarios and something tells me none of them will come close to the reality. Until I can update you on what actually happened please, please, I beg of you please keep us in your prayers!!

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