Friday, October 29, 2010

Where are all of the Pictures?

If you have noticed the lack of pictures, there is a reason for it. Not necessarily a good reason but a reason nonetheless. In our last move, (which hopefully will not happen again for a long time) both of our cameras were misplaced. I recently found one of the cameras lurking in the laundry basket which has the clean pajamas in it. On a side note, the only reason why I found it is because our washing machine went out and I could not fold the current weeks laundry so I finally got to the basket which has all the PJs that need to be matched. While I was matching the huge overflowing basket, I turned up the camera and quite a few other things too. I downloaded all the pictures off the memory card and reformatted it. Then decided to take a few practice pictures and all of a sudden ... the camera stopped working so until we buy a new one my blog will be pictureless.

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