Friday, November 5, 2010


When did Halloween turn into a weekend event? asked my husband after we attended the third event this weekend. My MIL kindly responded, "When you met Beth." It is true. I like to socialize maybe too much. I commit to too many things because I want my boys to have fun and then end up making my life stressful because we are racing to do everything. That being said we did not go to the seven events that I had planned and only went to three. I would share pictures of how adorable my children looked in their matching costumes but one of the costumes was not shipped so we had to scramble at the last minute and instead of having 3 Star Wars Shadow Clone Troopers we were going to have a battle with between 2 Star Wars Shadow Clone Troopers and a Star Wars Clone Trooper. Then said child randomly found a Optimus Prime Helmet in the garage so he decided he was going to wear that instead. We also had the the cutest lamb you ever saw. He was a baaaa baaaaby. The awesome picture never was taken since we still do not have a working camera and are waiting until the after Thanksgiving sale to buy one. The boys had a great time and only one boy was lost for 20 minutes and found happily going down the slide at a bounce house having no knowledge he was lost. Those of you who know the boys will know without being said who this child was since he is the wanderer in the family. I hope all had a very Happy Halloween!


Randi said...

Halloween is just about as stressful as Thanksgiving nowadays around here. Too much to do, and too little time to do it in. Just be thankful you don't have the 2 extra events - Daddy's birthday and RyRy's birthday. As an added bonus we get to throw in Big Grandma's and Uncle Mike's. Whoo hoo!
PS Christ Community had a photo booth at their event, I know this because I spent 30 minutes looking through all the pictures trying to find Star Wars peoples and a lamb. :)

Held Hostage By Boys said...

Yes, Erik and I saw the photo booth but the line was very, very long so we skipped it. The kids. except Erik, did not actually trunk or treat and he even only did 5 cars or so. They liked playing the games with their designated adult much better. :)