Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Tale of a Reformed Messy Garage

I need to clean out my garage.

Really Bad!!

I cannot walk through it anymore.

The garage cleaning fairy has not visited.

I have been putting it off all summer because it was too hot.

It is now fall and the garage still needs attention.

It has to winterized (our garage floods in any big rainstorm) or I will lose lots of important items. Things that I did not know were pertinent until I have to get rid of them due to water damage, mold, mildew etc.

The garage fairy keeps rescheduling.

Now we have had two rainstorms.

The garage still needs to be cleaned.


I don't want to clean the garage and I do not feel good but...Hooray! We cleaned the front part of it today. By we I mean I conned my closet friend with pizza into helping. (I think she would have done it without the bribe of pizza since she is so nice but it did help that we did not have our minions constantly reminding us that they were going to die of immanent starvation.) We had 8 children running wild while she helped me sort through the stuff that has been accumulating since I moved. This includes the stuff I was going to try selling though a garage sale (That turned out to be the saddest garage sale ever.) and all the boxes that were destroying the ambiance of my front room right after I moved. (I had to get them out of my house before I went crazy!) We got it down to about 3 boxes and ignored the back half that we could not access due to my dad's tools being on top of my stuff. (In his defense, there was no place to put them since my garage has not had a walking path since the first week my boys put their bikes away. In my defense, the tools were only supposed to be stored that way for a couple of days so I could clean out that part of the garage.)

I am happy to say that the front part of the garage is now clean, winterized and there is a very clear walking path.


Now I need to clean my house.

Do you know how fast 8 kids can destroy a house when there is not any adult supervision?

I cleaned out the back half of the garage made a walkway, a place for the boys bikes, organized their toys, found a spot for my husbands papers, put everything that could be susceptible to water damage up on pallets or shelves and even designated a nice place for my dad to store his tools while he finishes my fence.

It looks WOW!

I wonder how long until it will need to cleaned again. Probably as most things in this house, way too soon.

BTW do you know how fast 4 boys with very little adult supervision can tear apart a house?

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