Sunday, November 28, 2010


My little one is obsessed with tags. The last three kids have all been blanket kids, Jeremiah called it a Blanky, and Matthew called it a Dede. (Don't ask me.) Seth liked the tag on his blanket and rubbed it while he was going to sleep. In fact, he rubbed it so much that he rubbed the tag right off! Because of the lack of tag he no longer likes that blanket and has moved on to just about anything with a tag. He will rub the tag on blankets, jackets, shirts (his own and his brother's even while they are wearing them!), even car seats! His favorite for the time being is my husband's and my down comforter. Let's just say we no longer have claim to it. He will drag it out just so he can cuddle with the other or I. When my other started having to find it for him, so he could go to bed and he would giggle and laugh, the nickname started. He is now "Taggy!"

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