Friday, November 19, 2010

How many cars?

My boys have been having a hard time keeping their room clean lately. In one of the many tense discussions, on how to rectify the situation, I suggested taking all the toys and moving them into our garage. I asked Seth how many cars he needed to keep happy (since those are his latest passion.)
Me- "Seth you only need what 5 cars to keep you occupied, right?"
Seth- "and a truck."
Me (trying my hardest not to laugh) "5 cars and a truck to keep you happy?"
Seth happily shouting-"YEAH!"
The discussion was temporarily shelved due to everyone busting out laughing!


Randi said...

Squeal! Totally off subject, but lookie lookie at my blog! ::waving hand wildly in air to gain attention: Whoo HOO! <3 it!

Held Hostage By Boys said...

I do too!! I will have to change mine around to make it more FUN!!