Monday, November 29, 2010

Ways to Know You are One Sick Mommy

1. You do not make it out of bed until afternoon.
2. The house looks trashed (and not cause you had a busy week and were not home but because you were home CONSTANTLY!)
3. School has not been done in over a week.
4.You find your toddler eating a tortilla off a $100 CD and simply tell him to eat at the table and take away his"plate."
5. You even think of the $100 CD as a "plate" of sorts.
6 Your child is foraging and eating said tortillas and you slightly admire his resourcefulness and wonder if this because he is the fourth.
7. You would gladly trade this cough for just about any other ailment except throwing up.
8. You are praying to be hospitalized.
9. You broke down and turned on the heater because after having 3 layers on the botton 4 layers on top 3 comforters on top of you and two warm (HOT) bodies sleeping next to you, you are STILL FREEZING.
10. Not even 1 hour after you broke down and turned the heat on you have now shed all of your layers except a pair of pants and a t-shirt and wonder if you should turn the heat off even though it is 50 degrees in the house.
11. You are still in the same outfit as 2 days ago.
12. You begin to look up how many joints are in a human body because you are pretty sure you can point to all of them since they all ache like there is no tomorrow.
13. Your children have now figured out that since you are sick they can pretty much do what ever they want since you do not have the energy to properly guide them and have resorted to only trying to keep them alive until you recover.
14. You have lost your voice or try to only talk when some emergency is happening (Because otherwise it would hurt too much to be worth it).
15. The headache that started 3 days ago now seems like an annoying friend that will not go away.
16. You sleep on the couch not because you are mad at your other but so he can deal with the children that always wind up in your bed.
17. You are the new playground equipment since you have take up residence on the couch and are trying to move as little as possible.
18 You are down medications to try and see if something, anything might take the edge off and let you at least function in Zombie State.
19. You would actually prefer Zombie State to the current state you are in.
20.You are seriously considering drugging your children so they will sleep more so you can go back to sleep.

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