Monday, November 8, 2010

Cheap Entertainment!

Okay from my limited experience, toddlers take pleasure in the simplest of things. Each of my children for the first 2 sometimes 3 Christmases found more pleasure playing with a box than the actual toys. In this vein, another very simple/inexpensive, can even be made at home for cheaper, source of amusement for toddlers, and most preschoolers too, is BUBBLES! My 2-year-old found a small bottle of bubbles in a box of stuff brought in to be put away from cleaning out the garage. He immediately tore off the wrapper and brought it to me to open up. We proceeded to play with it for the next 5 minutes until i put the lid back on so I could go back to folding laundry. He promptly took the lid off and in his zest to stomp a bubble ended up spilling the bottle. Thankfully it cost me about 5 cents so other than needing to quickly clean up the spill off the Pergo no big deal. By the way I am still very thankful for our lack of carpeting in the house. It is so much easier to maintain. The bubble mixture wiped right up and Seth very quickly found another bottle of bubbles. This time I will be putting it up so we can keep it for more than 5 minutes.
Note: Before I could get to him he spilled that bottle too!

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