Saturday, November 27, 2010


Seth rarely says his name. He knows his name since he responds when we call him but when we were looking at pictures and I was trying to get him to identify himself in a picture. (Just because we haven't had a camera for quite some time doesn't mean we do not have any pictures of him just not that many since they have been take with other people's cameras and on our cell phones.)
I pointed to a picture on my phone and asked "Who is that Sethy?"
To which he promptly and enthusiastically responded, "You!"
"That's me?" (I am wondering if he was being silly.)
"No, you!"
"That's Mommy?"
"NO, YOU!!"
"OHH, that's you!"
"Yeah, YOU!" (DUH, MOMMY! is what I am sure is going through his head.)
Suffice to say we have not worked on pronouns with the little one yet.

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