Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost Child

My dad has been working on getting our fence back up. We are pet sitting soon and would like the comfort of having a fence to make sure she does not wander away. That being said I would like a fence to make sure my own children do not wander away. After an afternoon of putting up posts, my dad called it a day and put his tools away so he could head home and get ready to go to Lake Tahoe. I rounded up the children while he was doing this herded them into the house and said good-bye. After he drove off, I went to check on Matthew who I had heard playing in his bedroom but had not seen for awhile and just to reassure myself that I did indeed know where he was I walked back to the boys bedroom. I glanced in to see what he was doing, but no Matthew, I started calling for him while walking around the house. No Matthew. I walked outside and called for him still no response. By this time the other boys are calling for him too. Still no Matthew. I sent Jeremiah inside to look behind their loft bed, in closets, basically any nook or cranny in our small house. I had Erik go search the backyard and garage while I started walking toward the duplexes that are beside our house. I called my dad now starting to get upset and told him to come back because I could not find Matthew. He agreed and turned around. About a 30 seconds went by and he called back. "I have him. He crawled into his car seat and I did not even notice him." My husband chose this moment to call and was told the tale as my dad drove back to my home. As best as I can guess, Matthew had come out of the house after I had herded him and his brothers in and had gotten into my dad's car so he could go back to Mamma's and Papa's. I asked him why he did that and his response was "I didn't want to be with you anymore." From the mouths of babes...

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